Nocturnal Oximetry

If you have been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, one of the treatment options is with Oral Appliance Therapy using a Mandibular Advancement Device (For more information on OAT go to Dental Sleep Medicine). In order to determine if an oral appliance will be effective we can test it in the lab with a device called MATRx.

First you see a dentist to make a temporary oral appliance and measure how much your lower jaw can protrude forward. The device and the measurements are sent to the lab. When you come in for you night time sleep study in the lab, your temporary appliance is attached the MATRx device.

This device is controlled remotely by the technician. After you fall asleep, using the MATRx the technician can gradually advance your lower jaw forward a millimeter at a time until your snoring and sleep apnea is fully controlled or the device has reached the limit of protrusion as measured by our dentist. Then we know two things. One, we know if a dental device can control your sleep apnea. Two, if it can control your apnea, we also know how far your jaw must protrude to achieve this. Then we can provide an accurate prescription for your Mandibular Advancement Device knowing ahead of time that it will be effective.