Independent Medical Exam

Clinical Sleep Evaluations for Medico Legal or Insurance Purposes

An Independent Medical Exam or IME is a special type of consult that is requested by a third party such as an insurance carrier or lawyer. It is to obtain an independent or impartial "second opinion" about an individual. Because it is ordered for insurance or legal purposes, it is not covered under the provincial health plan and is paid for by the insurance company or lawyer requesting the exam. This individual being examined is not a patient of the physician conducting the exam although may sometimes become one if further treatment is required.

The exam is much more comprehensive than the usual medical consultation conducted under the Provincial Health Plan and takes more time. It usually involves reviewing the individual's medical data including doctor reports, accident reports, police reports, as well as x-rays, blood and other lab testing already performed. Our testing will usually also include a Nocturnal Polysomnogram and Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT), or Mean Wakefulness Test (MWT). The final report is sent to the party requesting the exam.