The Kelowna Sleep Clinic was established in 2005 to provide comprehensive sleep disorder diagnoses and treatment. We are comprehensive in that we do everything from the initial sleep disorder consultation, the diagnostic testing, the prescription of treatment along with follow-up visits to monitor and fine tune treatment. We are comprehensive in that we are prepared to diagnose and manage any of the more than 30 different sleep disorders. We have a particular interest in the non-pharmacological management of insomnia. In treating obstructive sleep apnea, we provide a number of alternatives to CPAP.

Our medical director, Ron Cridland MD is board certified with the American Board of Sleep Medicine (as there is no Canadian equivalent). We are accredited with College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC. All the physician visits and sleep studies are covered under the provincial Medical Services Plan.

In everything we do from how we greet you on the phone, to how we coordinate your visits to make the most of your time, to providing options for treatment, we are patient focused.

To see what it is like to review a sleep study with a Physician, watch the video below

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