Sleep Disorder Consultation

A clinical evaluation with a sleep disorders physician.

Sleep Apnea Management

Including alternatives to CPAP therapy.

Insomnia Therapies

Includes non-pharmacological management and CBT.

Sleep Studies

Lab and home testing of your sleep.

Welcome to The Sleep Clinics!

In 2005, Dr. Ron Cridland established the Kelowna Sleep Clinic. This was the first publicly funded, private sleep lab in Western Canada. We have expanded to multiple locations through the Interior of BC including clinics in Penticton, Kelowna, Vernon, Salmon Arm and Kamloops. We are accredited with the College Of Physicians and Surgeons of BC. All the doctor visits and sleep studies are covered under the Medical Services Plan of BC. Patients must be referred by a physician. We receive referrals primarily from the Interior of BC but we do see patients from all over BC, Prairies, and Yukon.

Our Doctors

Dr. Ron Cridland

Dr. Ron Cridland, MD, CCFP, FAASM (Fellow, American Academy of Sleep Medicine)

Dr. Ryan McFayden

MD, FRCP (C), Psychiatry

Dr. Grasswick

MD, FRCP (C) Psychiatry

What Our Patients Say

Do you have a sleep disorder?

There are about 32 different sleep disorders, many of which can present with symptoms of insomnia, fatigue or sleepiness. To effectively manage these symptoms you need to have an idea of the underling disease process.

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